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FAQs :- Answers By Our Eye/Cataracts/IOL Specialist

Q. When should I get cataract operated?

  • When you, start seeing double images
  • When blurring of vision affects daily routine activities
  • When driving at night become difficult
  • When glares of light start affecting driving or daily routine work

Q. Will there be a need to use spectacles post-operatively?
The need to use spectacles will depend upon the preoperative astigmatism and the type of IOL implanted. While premium monofocal lenses reduce the dependency on spectacles for distant vision, you will have to use spectacle for near vision. Multifocal and trifocal lenses, on the other hand, will reduce the need of spectacles for both distance and near vision.

Q. How much time does the whole procedure take and for how many days do I need to take leave from my work?
On the day of the surgery, the patient will check in at the outpatient center one hour before the scheduled time.
With phacoemulsification, the surgical procedure can take as little as 10 minutes. The patient’s eye is bandaged for a few hours. You can resume your normal activity in 2-3 days.

Reasons for Longer Procedure:-
Complications such as ripping the lens capsule or bleeding in the eye can cause the surgery to last longer; while these complications are not common, the surgeon would have to adjust the procedure to manage the complications.

Q. What Precautions should I take after cataract surgery?

  • Avoid direct contact with water for 2 days
  • Avoid lifting heavy weight
  • Eye strain for long hours
  • All types of food can be had
  • Proper care & instillation of drops is required
  • Wearing dark goggles for some days

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    Cataract ( SAFED MOTIA) is clouding of normal clear crystalline lens of the eye. It leads to decrease or loss of functional vision. It is most common cause of treatable blindness.

    You may have cataract if you have :

    • Progressive blurring of vision not correctable with glasses
    • Glare
    • Coloured halos
    • Seeing double/multiple images

    Risk factors :

    • Age> 50 years
    • Diabetes
    • Smoking
    • Prolonged use of corticosteroid medications
    • Previous eye injury or inflammation

    Once cataract forms, it needs to be treated with surgery in which the natural lens is removed and artificial lens is implanted.JP Eye hospital provides latest surgical facilities ( Phacoemulsification ) for removal of cataract and implantation of intraocular lens.

    We have facilities for implantation of special types of IOLs that can reduce the dependency o spectacles after surgery.

    •Toric IOLs
    •Trifocal IOLs
    •Multifocal IOLs
    •Micro Incision Lenses

    JP Eye Hospital is the Best Cataract Treatment Hospital in Mohali & Chandigarh