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Dr. Jatinder Singh

Sr. Consultant Refrective
Chandigarh- Mohali

Best Refractive Surgery Specialist in Chandigarh/Mohali

FAQs :- Answers By Our Refractive Specialist

Q. At what age can I get LASIK done?
You can get it done after 18 years of age provided your spectacle prescription is stable for one year i.e. there has been no change in the spectacle power in last one year.

Q. What all precautions do I need to take after LASIK?
• Do not expose your eyes to dust.
• Do not touch or rub your eyes.
• Do not take head bath or splash water into the eye and face for 2 weeks.
• Avoid computer use for long hours at a stretch.
• Do not swim for one month.
• Do not use cosmetics for one month.
• Avoid exercises for 1 week.
• Avoid self-driving for 1 week.

Q. Is LASIK treatment permanent?
In most cases the improved vision LASIK surgery provides is permanent. But in a limited number of cases , some nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism can return over time, causing blurry vision. If a regression of this sort occurs and becomes bothersome, a follow-up procedure called a LASIK enhancement usually can be performed to restore clear vision.

Q. What option does a patient over the age of 40 years has, if he wants to get rid of the glasses?
Such patients can undergo refractive lens exchange in which the natural lens of the eye is replaced with artificial lens. Special lenses like multifocal, multifocal toric and trifocal lenses are implanted which reduce dependency on glasses for distance as well as near vision.

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    Refractive Surgeries are done to reduce dependency on spectacles.
    Refractive errors can be:
    • Myopia
    • Hypermetropia
    • Astigmatism
    Varied treatment options depending upon age of patient, type and amount of refractive error, ocular condition and patient’s requirements and expectations
    • PRK/ Lasik
    • ICL (Implantable contact lenses)
    • Refractive lens exchange
    You can undergo lasik if :
    • Age>18 years
    • Stable spectacle power
    • Cornea is of sufficient thickness
    • No ocular surface disease like dry eye
    • Expectations and Precautions after surgery
    JP EYE HOSPITAL has expertise for performing all types of refractive surgeries.
    Facilities available are :
    • Prescription and dispensing of spectacles
    • Contact lenses ( soft contact lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, Rose-K lenses)
    • Ortho K lenses for getting rid of spectacles temporarily.
    • ICL/ Phakic IOLs
    • Refractive lens exchange
    JP Eye Hospital is Best Lasik/Laser Eye Surgery Center Chandigarh, Mohali