Why LASIK is better than contact lens

  1. Happier eyes- Contact lenses can deteriorate or be the cause of many eye problems such as red, itchy, sore, dry eyes or allergies. Eyes can, eventually, become intolerant to contact lenses which results in the inability to wear them.   Extended contact lens usage is also associated with a number of risks
  2. Night Vision- Most LASIK patients say that their main motivation for undergoing LASIK was to gain the ability to see adequately in the middle of the night. The capability to see your surroundings in the dark is a luxury to many eyeglass or contact lens wearers who are tired of stumbling blindly through the dark to the bathroom at 3 a.m.
  3. Sports- Sports, especially water sports are constantly a threat for contact lens wearers. Eye protection such as goggles are frequently needed in order to avoid losing contacts but they can be cumbersome, awkward and impractical for certain activities.  After having LASIK, you will be able to take part in any sport without worry.
  4. Worry-free– There is the constant threat of losing a contact lens and experiencing a sudden decrease in vision. This can be troublesome when watching television or exercising but can be extremely hazardous when driving a car.
  5. Easier traveling- Traveling with contact lenses and all accessories that go along with them is, without a doubt, an added burden. Packing an adequate amount of cleaning fluid, rewetting eye drops, spare contact lenses and cases can consume a considerable amount of space in your luggage.  Also, there is always the chance of losing or tearing your contact which will leave you unable to see clearly.
  6. Better vision– Many patients are delighted to discover that their vision is actually better after LASIK than it was with their best pair of glasses or contact lenses. This is due to the inability for contacts to correct vision in the same way that LASIK does.
  7. Financial benefits- Initially, LASIK can appear quite costly but, when all costs are factored in, LASIK actually is more of an economical solution to correcting vision issues long term. When the cost of contact lenses is figured over a period of time, it is easy to see how fast the price tag can build.  In fact, continuing with contacts as an alternative to undergoing a permanent vision-correcting solution such as LASIK has been precisely compared to renting instead of purchasing a house.  Effectively, you are throwing money into something every month without reaping the benefits of a long-term investment.

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